My Gallery of Special Moments
Enjoy my picture gallery of some special moments; past, present, and yet to come .....
New Boutique Yoga Studio!
All Life is Yoga - Sri Aurobindo
Using Props for Assistance
On top of a spiritual moutain in Santorini, Greece
Sharing a special moment with my Granddaughter!
Teaching on the Arabian Gulf in Saudi Arabia
The new studio opened for classes on Feb. 10th, 2018, and is located just off Geddes road in Superior Township!  Below is a picture of The Great Yoga Wall tha, a key feature of the new studio and the only one of its kind in the Ann Arbor area!  The Boutique studio will allow more intimate class sizes.

"No where will you be able to find peace unless you have peace in your heart"

The Mother

"Yoga is relaxing and refreshing.  I feel safe in Raisha's class as she guides me in stretching and aligning my body and calming my mind.  This practice impacts my life in many wonderful ways."